TV Kit

    • These ultra strong drywall fixings are designed to provide a strong fixing when hanging anything that weighs up to 250lbs. 

      The patented design is engineered to provide a safe and secure wall fixings that confidently hang your flat screen TVs without the fear of falling down.

      It has 3 Unique gripping system that creates a vice- like hold in drywall walls. All you need is just a simple DRILL, TAP and TURN for quick installation. Once drilled, the unique backing wings expand inside the cavity to provide a secure anchor, creating a strong tight grip.

      We know how precious your flat screen TV is- that's why we created the Gripit TV Kit. Using our heavy duty fixings, you can be assured that your  TV is held firm.

    • Use Gripit Blue for seriously heavy stuff, these fixings will hold the heaviest of Televisions to drywall – no trouble.

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