TV Kit

  • These ultra strong drywall fixings are designed to provide a strong fixing when hanging anything that weighs up to 250lbs. 

    The patented design is engineered to provide a safe and secure wall fixings that confidently hang your flat screen TVs without the fear of falling down.

    It has 3 Unique gripping system that creates a vice- like hold in drywall walls. All you need is just a simple DRILL, TAP and TURN for quick installation. Once drilled, the unique backing wings expand inside the cavity to provide a secure anchor, creating a strong tight grip.

    We know how precious your flat screen TV is- that's why we created the Gripit TV Kit. Using our heavy duty Gripit Blue fixings, you can be assured that your smart TV is held firm.

  • * Very easy and quick to install. Simply Drill, Tap and Turn on any drywall or hollow wall for ultra fast installations. Includes quick adjustment feature by turning the 2 small screws to the left.

    * Each screws come in universal sizes, and with an added drill bit. It is also compatible with any standard size screwdriver. Made from heavy duty and durable metal materials to ensure that it lasts longer and to avoid chipping or loosing the thread

    * Works great for hanging wall mounted / tilt and swivel brackets. Safe and secure, can support and hold heavy TV's of up to 250 lbs of weight.

    Removable and reusable screws that are ideal for Dot and Dab wall installations. Suitable for all plasterboard types (1/2” to 5/8”) without the need for battening or additional anchor points. It also works on insulated plasterboard types.

    * Manufactured from high industrial grade, durable materials that can withstand heavy loads. Made in United Kingdom (UK).

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