Gripit is available nationwide from recognised DIY and trade stockists, along with all good independent stores.

Alternatively, you can buy in our online shop from this website.

We recommend that you use a flat drill bit or a hole saw. Please ensure that you are using the correct drill size for the fixing you have selected. (The use of a twist drill bit is not recommended due to the tearing effect this produces at the back of the plasterboard, where the Gripit wings need to open). Flat drill bits can be found in our online shop in sizes 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Yes, Gripit will fit into tiled walls that are bonded to plasterboard walls. You will require a diamond hole cutter to suit the fixing diameter and a tile saw to cut four slots in the tile to allow the anti-rotation fins to pass through the tile and into the plasterboard. Please do not cut a slot in the plasterboard since the wings will do that as you tap the fixing into the plasterboard. Please contact us should you require additional advice for this application.

If you are unfortunate enough to come across a dab when installing our fixings, please see our Dot & Dab Undercutting Tool to undercut a recess in the adhesive for the Gripit wings to open out. 

To become a stockist or distributor of Gripit, please give us a call on 0845 6800 215 or send us an email at We’d be delighted to hear from you!

You can use any length of screw/bolt to hang heavy items on plasterboard. Standard length screws/bolts are supplied as standard any Gripit purchase. Gripit Yellow requires a 4mm screw, Gripit Red requires a 5mm screw (self-tapping in the centre of the fixing). The larger Gripit Brown requires an M6 bolt and Gripit Blue requires a M8 bolt (the hole in these fixings has been threaded). As long as you have sufficient space behind the plasterboard you can use as long or short a screw/bolt as you see fit for the task at hand.

With the majority of installations you won’t be able to see the Gripit once it is fitted. For example, if you are hanging a cabinet, radiator or mirror, the bracket or piece of furniture will hide the fixing itself, so this need not be a problem. In addition to the unique wings, Gripit actually gains a lot of its strength from the large surface area that is in contact with the plasterboard. The Gripit becomes an integral part of the plasterboard. If you decide to remove Gripit at a later date, you will be left with a hole in the wall as you would with any other type of plasterboard fixing. We would advise you fill the hole as you would with any fixing.

Installing Gripit is quick and simple. There are 3 easy steps. All you need is a drill (with the correct size drill bit), a hammer and a screwdriver. Simply drill your hole once you have decided on the location of your fixings, tap the Gripit into the hole with your hammer, then open the wings with your flat head screwdriver using the central slot. Your Gripit is now secure and safe for you to hang your chosen item onto the wall using the screws/bolts provided.

Gripit is a premium product that is manufactured in the UK. It would be unfair to compare Gripit to your traditional wall plugs and self-drive fixings because whilst they are cheaper they do not hold the extreme loads that a Gripit can. One other thing to consider is whilst the unit price is higher the quantity of fixings required for the task is fewer.

The incredible loading capabilities of Gripit are derived from a unique combination of mechanical innovation and physical engineering. Each component is designed to work in harmony to create the most effective plasterboard anchoring device on the market today. The Gripit system is not based upon anchorage to a single contact point like most other fixing products which tear loose under stress. Gripit uses a unique three-way system of multiple contact points in combination to disperse load and lock onto plasterboard and drywall. We manufacture our own products at our high-tech factory in Wiltshire – England.
Each Gripit component is precision moulded by us and tested to ensure they always deliver ultimate performance.

No. As long as you have the correct drill bit size all you really need is a hammer, drill and screwdriver.

Our best-selling kit is the Gripit Assorted kit. We understand our customers prefer to carry a selection of Gripit in their tool box so they always have the correct Gripit for any job.

Don't despair! You can buy one of our undercutting tools. This can be used when you have double thickness plasterboard. The Gripit Undercutting Tool accessory is specially designed to create a recess in double thickness plasterboard, insulation, or Dot & Dab adhesive from behind plasterboard. This allows the Gripit wings to rotate into place. This accessory may also be used for creating wing space when either timber wall studs or building block material is encountered. Gripit make tough and robust accessory tools and care should be taken to handle your power tools appropriately.